Rig Pump Diverter

Rig Pump Diverter

The rig pump diverter is a valve manifold with an onboard bi-directional choke for diverting flow from existing rig pumps to provide continuous flow during connections.

This flow is diverted from the standpipe to the automatic choke skid, holding back pressure on the annulus during managed pressure drilling to precisely maintain the chokes within an operable range.  Replacing the backpressure pump with the rig pump diverter eliminates the human element during the complex interaction between rig pump and backpressure pump during trips and connections, simplifying operations.  The rig pump diverter also has a smaller footprint and modest power requirements.


  • Valve manifold with onboard bi-directional choke diverts flow from standpipe to automatic choke skid
  • Full automated, step automated and manual operations modes
  • Small skid fits into work basket for transport offshore
  • Eliminate human element from connection process


  • Helps improve bottomhole pressure control
  • Reduces power requirement
  • Smaller rig footprint
  • Simplifies operations
  • Reduces complexity of system for greater reliability
  • Eliminates the need to size the pump for each job
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