Managed Pressure Drilling

Managing the pressure, reducing the risk

Understanding bottomhole pressure regimes in the increasingly complex drilling arena is critical for reducing uncertainty and maximizing asset value. Managed pressure drilling (MPD) allows you to properly navigate challenging pressure windows between pore and fracture pressure that are increasingly found in complex wells. MPD gives operators the ability to rapidly adjust bottomhole pressure to reducing non-productive time (NPT) risks associated with mitigating kicks, losses and wellbore stability issues. With MPD, you can decrease bottom hole pressure related NPT, which reduces drilling days and improves overall the economic viability of well construction.

Rig Pump Diverter

Real-time hydraulic pressure modeling provides greater control

With Halliburton’s GeoBalance® MPD services, you can control and manage pressure-related challenges confidently. Along with the major benefits that MPD services bring, Halliburton continues to incorporate the highest level of safety by continuing to develop advancements in loss and kick detection. With our DetectEV™ and ActEV™ systems, we continuously monitor wells for undesired events and can safely manage these critical scenarios.

Our wellbore hydraulic pressure control simulator, GB Setpoint™ collects real-time data from several sources to provide an accurate downhole pressure model. With patented techniques, we update the wellbore model taking into account multiple fluid density, rheology, compressibility, temperature, flow rate, pipe rotation, wellhead pressure, surge and swab effects, cuttings loading, depth, and more, to control the well at any point along the wellbore.

Choose GeoBalance managed pressure drilling services to:

  • Improve rate of penetration
  • Drill narrow pressure margins
  • Reduce influxes and losses
  • Access bypassed reserves
  • Improve wellbore stability
  • Reduce casing strings
  • Minimize mud-skin effect

Whether you need a land-based rotating control device or a fully automated offshore MPD package, Halliburton provides the right solution to help you drill faster and safer by managing the pressure and reducing the risk.

OTC Spotlight on new Technology AwardEach year, Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Houston recognizes innovative technologies with the Spotlight on New Technology Award. The program recognizes the latest and most advanced technologies from the region that are leading the industry. At the 2018 OTC Houston Conference, the GeoBalance Automated Managed Pressure Drilling System was awarded the "OTC Spotlight on New Technology.

Managed Pressure Drilling

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Summary MPD and Cementing Operation for Shell Offshore Apr 2018
Summary W&T Offshore Reaches New Pay Zone with GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service Apr 2017
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Summary India: GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service Helps Save Rig Time in Fractured Granite Jul 2010
Summary China: Managed Pressure Drilling Saves 18 Days of Drilling Time and Delivers Record Horizontal Jun 2009
Summary Mexico: GeoBalance® Optimized Pressure Drilling Service Reduces Operational Costs by Controlling Bottom Hole Pressure and Borehole Instability Jan 2009
Summary Mexico / Asia: GeoBalance™ Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Time in Half Oct 2007
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Automated MPD
Drill the way you want to drill your well.
GeoBalance® Service
GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling service can dramatically decrease non-productive time (NPT) and reduce drilling days to improve economics in applications where wellbore mechanics prevent use of conventional techniques.
Rig Pump Diverter
Halliburton's rig pump diverter replaces the backpressure pump in managed pressure drilling operations.
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