e-cd™ System

Enables drilling narrow pressure window wells by maintaining constant downhole pressure

e-cd Manifold

The e-cd™ system is an Eni patented system used in managed pressure drilling operations to enable continuous circulation—the ability to maintain uninterrupted flow of drilling fluid to the well via the drill string during connections while drilling and tripping out of the hole.

With continuous circulation, the pumps are never turned off while making connections or tripping. This keeps the bottom hole pressure constant during these activities, maintains fluid rheology and temperatures, and keeps the cuttings moving at all times.

Key differentiators:

  • Active sealing mechanism in axial direction: Competitors need to manually activate axial sealing mechanism once the sub is above the drill floor
  • Proven and reliable metal-to-metal flapper valve configuration for both axial and radial sealing mechanisms
  • Highest global utilization and success rate of continuous circulation system connections
  • Increased side entry port flow capacity compared to several competitors

Key applications:

  • The e-cd system improves drilling success for challenging projects such as:
    • Narrow pressure pore-fracture pressure gradient wells
    • High-pressure/high-temperature wells
    • Extended-reach horizontal wells
  • The e-cd system is the primary technical solution for any drilling challenge when the pumps are turned on/off for a connection and tripping when circulation no longer occurs through the full length of the well bore. For example:
    • Kick/loss conditions
    • Hole cleaning and solids transports
    • Loading of solids
    • Stuck pipe incidents
    • Ballooning effects
    • Weak formation integrity


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Related Information

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