Continuous Circulation Systems

Enables drilling narrow pressure window wells by maintaining constant downhole pressure

Since the introduction of rotary drilling — using tubular goods to set the drilling bit in motion —  the process of pumping drilling fluid into the well has sustained interruptions every time a new joint of tubular (or “drill pipe”) was added to the drill-string to achieve deeper penetration.

Continuous circulation is the ability to maintain uninterrupted flow of drilling fluid into the well throughout the process of adding (or removing) joints of drill pipe to the drill string.

ECD Manifold

The Continuous Circulation System is used in drilling, enabling the pumps to continue running while making connections or tripping. This keeps the bottom hole pressure constant during these activities, keeps the same fluid rheology and temperatures, and keeps the cuttings moving at all times.

e-cd™ System
Eni patented system used in managed pressure drilling operations to enable continuous circulation.
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Related Information

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