Stim Star IV

Stim Star IV

Stim Star IV is one of the largest stimulation vessels in the world, measuring 312 feet long and 66 feet wide, with a carrying capacity of 6,000 long tons (13,440,000 pounds) and 21,500 hydraulic horsepower permanently installed. The vessel has a state-of-the-art control house and INSITE® for StimulationTM (IFS) software with Automated Controlled Equipment (ACE) dynamic positioning (DP2) certification.

The vessel was designed specifically for lower tertiary deepwater reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico, which require enormous amounts of fluid and proppant to effectively fracture and stimulate. Stim Star IV can carry almost 4 million pounds of proppant and 13,400 barrels of fracturing fluid. By contrast, its predecessor, Stim Star III, launched in 2002, holds 1.2 million pounds of proppant and 7,000 barrels of fluid, less than half the capacity of its larger counterpart. The new vessel also has the capability to mix acid on-the-fly and blend from a single load over 100,000 gallons of formation acid.

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