Sand Control

Halliburton Sand Control Services provides a single source of solutions for all of your sand control challenges. Sand can present major obstacles to well production through reduced production rates, sand bridging, erosion of equipment, and sand disposal and removal.  Halliburton offers dedicated equipment and services for gravel packing, high-rate water packs, frac pack treatments, horizontal screen-only completions, and horizontal gravel packs—all of which can be supported with computer-simulated designs.

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Our sand control services begin with an in-depth analysis of the reservoir and well conditions to help design and select the optimum fluid systems and downhole equipment for every well. Halliburton provides specialized surface and downhole equipment including gravel pack packers and screens to inhibit the movement of formation sand into the wellbore, surface pumping equipment, fluid systems, and filtration systems —all supported by completion service designed to help operators capture the best value from their assets.

Heavy Oil – Sand Control in Producer Wellbores

Heavy Oil – Sand Control in Producer Wellbores

Halliburton’s premium sand control screens increase the productive life of producer wellbores through effective sand control. Our unique technology gives precise pore size control and provides the highest solids retention and plugging resistance possible.
Heavy Oil – Sand Control in Producer Wellbores
Deep Water – Manage High Completion Costs

Deep Water – Manage High Completion Costs

Halliburton provides superior performance tools to help reduce trips and costs of deepwater wells.
Deep Water – Manage High Completion Costs

Sand Control

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Summary EquiFlow AICD helped Repsol recover extra 21,000 barrels of oil Mar 2014
Summary Wireline-set Versa-Trieve VTA packer saves customer Mar 2014
Summary First Single-Trip Multizone (STMZ™) Gravel Pack Installation Jan 2014
Summary TOTAL Exploration and Production Indonesie breaks the record with the shortest ESTMZ™ system installation time Dec 2013
Summary How Chevron saved an average of 18 days per well on three deepwater GoM wells Aug 2013
Summary Using new acid diverter, PEMEX improved oil production without increasing water cut Sep 2012
Summary ZoneGuard® HE packer provides reliable isolation for Zonal Isolation May 2012
Summary Advanced Fluid Loss Control Technology Helps Achieve Successful Gravel Pack Mar 2012
Summary GOM: FS & IB Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valves Isolate Multiple Zones in Stacked Frac Pack Applications Apr 2011
Summary West Africa: FS Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve Demonstrates Unparalleled Reliability in Deepwater Applications Apr 2011
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