Microseismic Monitoring

Microseismic MonitoringPinnacle, a Halliburton service, pioneered offset wellbore microseismic mapping and is the standard by which alternate fracture mapping technologies and competitors are measured. Microseismic fracture mapping provides an image of the fractures by detecting microseisms or micro-earthquakes that are triggered by shear slippage on bedding planes or natural fractures adjacent to the hydraulic fracture. The location of the microseismic events is obtained using a downhole receiver array that is positioned at the depth of the fracture in an offset wellbore.

Microseismic fracture mapping is employed to improve production economics by increasing reservoir productivity and/or reducing completion costs. This capability helps assure the fracture stays in the intended zone and that the complete zone is stimulated. This capability can help optimize production and minimize the number of wells and fractures required. Results from microseismic fracture mapping can be used to "calibrate" fracture growth models. Halliburton's fracturing and acidizing capabilities are aligned with Pinnacle's technologies and expertise to help provide operators a comprehensive solution to the complex exploration and production challenges of unconventional assets.

Microseismic Fracture Mapping - Fracture Modeling

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Summary Pinnacle’s FracHeight® service qualifies microseismic height growth in CSG environment Jun 2015
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FracHeight® Service
Pinnacle continues to be the leader in innovating and optimizing microseismic interpretation for unconventional reservoirs.
FracTrac® Microseismic Fracture Mapping Service
Pinnacle Technologies offers FracTrac® microseismic fracture mapping service, a diagnostic technique that measures created hydraulic fracture dimensions and azimuth.
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