Water-based Gel Systems

Halliburton's water-based gel systems are enhanced, proprietary fluid systems with characteristics that help achieve enhanced well performance and more flexible service delivery.

ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer Blender
The ADP™ advanced polymer blender enables mixing any of Halliburton's fracturing fluids using a dry polymer, eliminating the need for Hydrocarbon-based concentrates.
CleanStream® Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Control Process
CleanStream® ultraviolet light bacteria control process enhances environmental performance by reducing the volume of conventional biocides required.
SeaQuest® Service
Applicable in both shelf and deepwater environments, this service includes a new proprietary fluid system with characteristics that help achieve enhanced well performance
UniStim™ Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid System
Salt tolerant, CO2 compatible, and cold temperature capable fluid system minimizes clay swelling and fines migration to enhance frac treatment.
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Related Information

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