CleanStream® Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Control Process

Enhances Environmental Performance by Reducing the Volume of Conventional Biocides Required

Controlling bacteria growth in fracturing fluid is critical since excess growth will lead to the corrosion of iron or steel, can cause the well to start producing sour (H2S) fluids and can destroy the fluid by causing it to become too thin to be effective. CleanStream® service, Halliburton's ultraviolet (UV) light bacteria control process, uses a mobile unit capable of treating fracturing fluid at rates up to 100 bbl/min. Using the service enables Operators to significantly reduce the volume of biocides used to treat for aerobic and anaerobic (sulfate reducing) bacteria. If wellsite logistics permit the utilization of CleanStream service on-the-fly, biocide addition can be reduced to zero.
CleanStream Service
How UV Light Controls Bacteria Growth
The cellular DNA of microorganisms like bacteria absorbs the energy from the UV light, causing damage to their DNA structure, leaving the bacteria unable to produce proteins or replicate.
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Summary Entire CleanSuite™ System successfully implemented in Haynesville Shale Apr 2012
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