Pinnacle Center of Excellence for Fracture Engineering

Pinnacle Center of Excellence for Fracture EngineeringUnmatched expertise to optimize treatment design and execution, and asset development

The new Pinnacle Center of Excellence (COE) for fracturing brings together globally recognized experts and leading-edge technologies in an integrated approach unique in the oil and gas industry.

The COE workflow involves fracture modeling, production data analysis, well test analysis and reservoir simulation at the beginning of the fracturing process. This is followed by fracture treatment design, materials and fluid selection, real time monitoring and post treatment evaluation. This process provides far more rigorous solutions than can be obtained with conventional fracture design and modeling.

Engineering services in two primary disciplines
Fracture Engineering services entail designing hydraulic fracture treatments and performing real-time, on-site treatment analysis, rigorous production analysis, and well testing to evaluate stimulation strategies and practices.

Reservoir Understanding services combine reservoir modeling with fracture modeling to help understand fracture performance over time.

In-depth data plus advanced technology
Pinnacle possesses a vast, in-depth dataset related to understanding hydraulic fracture growth characteristics across all the different shale and tight gas plays. This knowledge and understanding provide a unique advantage that can be enhanced even farther when combined with advanced engineering techniques.

Pinnacle Center of Excellence for Fracture Engineering

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