MonoProp® Lightweight Proppant


MonoProp™ proppant is an important part of Halliburton’s patent-pending process and provides these important



  • The partial monolayer provided by the proppant results in very high fracture conductivity which can lead to improved production.
  • The low density of the proppant makes it easy to place with low viscosity fluids while providing uniform distribution.
  • MonoProp proppant deforms and maintains a conductive path while conventional proppants tend to crush and produce fines when exposed to closure stress.
  • The high performance polymer alloy that constitutes MonoProp proppant is resistant to diagenesis, eliminating geochemical reactions and deposits, providing long term conductivity.
  • Proppant flowback is minimized due to trapping of the proppant particles by the closing fracture. In addition, less proppant material is pumped compared to a typical treatment.


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Related Information

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