MicroScout® Service and MicroScout® Plus Service

Conductivity endurance in complex fracture geometries

Creating complexity in unconventional reservoirs during the fracturing treatment is only the first step toward realizing the reservoir’s full potential. Fractures and microfractures must remain propped after the treatment in order to contribute to long-term production.

MicroScout® service delivers fine particulates deep into the secondary fracture network, without bridging or screening out at the entrances. The low concentration of microsphere particulates placed in the fracture network aids in providing conductive flow paths, connecting the complex fracture network to the primary fractures.


MicroScout Plus service takes microfracture stimulation one step further. Delivered as a two-part system, MicroScout Plus service is designed to penetrate deeper into the formation, resulting in the stimulation of a larger portion of the created fracture network than was previously possible, thus enabling recovery of resources previously untapped by conventional materials.

The benefits of both services include:

  • Decreased decline rates
  • Increased recovery factors
  • Expanded connected fracture networks
  • Improved post-treatment recovery of fracturing fluids

MicroScout® Service and MicroScout® Plus Service

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Summary MicroScout® Service Enhances Well Production in Woodford Shale Play Jul 2018
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