Halliburton’s history of fracturing achievement is due to continuous devotion to technology development, extensive training and a global best practices process. Since Halliburton performed the first commercial fracturing treatment in 1949, over 1 million wells have been successfully fractured by the industry in the United States.

AccessFrac® Stimulation Service
AccessFrac stimulation service is Halliburton’s process to optimize proppant distribution for improved long-term production performance.
ConductorSM Fracturing Service
The ultimate goal of well stimulation is to get higher production out of an asset.
EZ-Stim Service
Helps Improve Efficiency of Hybrid Fracturing Treatments and Stimulating Long Horizontals
MicroScout® Service
Creating complexity in unconventionals reservoirs during the fracturing treatment is only the first step to realizing the reservoir’s full potential.
Prodigi™ AB Intelligent Fracturing Service
In unconventional fracturing design, there are many parameters used to optimize stimulation treatment outcomes.
RockPerm™ Service
RockPerm™ service is a laboratory testing process performed by specially trained technicians in local area labs.
Transcend™ Permeability Enhancers
The Transcend™ Permeability Enhancer portfolio is Halliburton’s premiere offering for flow enhancing technology.
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Related Information

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