CobraMax® V Fracturing Service

CobraMax® V Fracturing Service In 2004, Halliburton introduced CobraMax® V fracturing services for vertical nonperforated cased and cemented wells with multiple intervals. Halliburton was searching for a process that allowed aggressive fracturing treatments to be placed with induced screenouts to achieve the highest possible near-wellbore conductivity while managing the total efficiency of the process. A Hydra-Jet™ technology process has been used to create perforations in the casing and deep eroded cavities inside the reservoir. This patented process was tested extensively in more than 100 wells (averaging 12 stages per well) in California and shown to improve long-term production by more than 30% as compared to a competitor's conventional "perf & plug" method. To date, more than 350 wells have been treated with this process, representing more than 3,150 individual fracture treatments.

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