CleanStim® Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid System

New fluid system provides exceptional fracturing and environmental performance as compared to traditional formulations.
CleanStim FormulationCleanStim® fracturing service uses a new fracturing fluid formulation made with ingredients sourced from the food  industry.* Acquiring the ingredients from the food industry provides an extra margin of safety to people, animals and the environment in the unlikely occurrence of an incident at the wellsite.

A Complete Fluid System
The CleanStim fluid system components include a gelling agent, crosslinker/buffer, breakers and a surfactant. Before use, the CleanStim formulation is mixed at the job site with the water provided by the operator.

Excellent Fracturing Performance and Reduced Environmental Risk
CleanStim service is a major advance in fracturing fluid technology. In addition to environmental benefits, the CleanStim fluid system provides excellent performance in terms of pumpability, proppant transport and retained conductivity.  Laboratory tests showed over 90% retained conductivity after 24 hr of flow. The system is applicable over a broad temperature range providing up to 30 minutes pumping time at 225°F (107°C).

Applicable to Gelled Fracs and Water Fracs
The CleanStim fluid system can be crosslinked and used for conventional  gelled fracturing treatments. In addition, the  components can be used  to provide friction reduction for water frac treatments commonly used in shale reservoirs.

*Intended Use  -  The CleanStim formulation is designed for use in hydraulic fracturing. Even though all the ingredients are acquired from food suppliers, the CleanStim fluid system should not be considered edible.

CleanStim® Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid System

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Summary Entire CleanSuite™ System successfully implemented in Haynesville Shale Apr 2012
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