FiberWatch™ Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing System

Monitor Extreme Temperatures in Injectors and Producers

FiberWatch™ DTS HT fiber optic system is a single-mode-fiber distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system designed for high-temperature applications. Because it is effective in hydrogen-rich environments that are typically detrimental to standard high-temperature multi-mode fiber, the FiberWatch DTS HT system is especially useful in the extreme conditions introduced by steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and steamflood recovery methods.

Both of these operations are designed to produce high-viscosity hydrocarbon fluids that are normally too thick to move through reservoir rock without some assistance. Applying steam to the hydrocarbon fluids reduces viscosity, making it easier for them to flow. Unfortunately, it also creates the extreme conditions of a high-temperature corrosive environment in the well – making it difficult to accurately monitor well conditions.


  • Monitor extreme temperatures in injectors and/or producers to confirm the establishment of uniform temperature fronts in the injectors, as well as hydrocarbon sweep by the injected steam from the injectors to the producers
  • Rapidly identify problems such as unexpected steam break-through, cooling or deterioration of the efficiency of the steam front at particular intervals



  • Special fiber that does not contain germanium, making it less susceptible to hydrogen damage
  • Special fiber coating that allows for fiber cables to be pumped downhole and replaced as needed over the life of a well


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