Conformance/Water Control

Halliburton has developed a number of technologies to help reduce unwanted water production, enhance recovery efficiency, and satisfy a broad range of reservoir management and environmental objectives. Although water management may not result in increased production, application of the technologies can often improve an operator’s profitability by helping achieve a longer productive well life, reduced lifting costs and reduced environmental concerns and costs.

Water Management

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Summary Operator nearly doubled initial well injectivity with proven fluidic oscillator technology Jan 2013
Summary HydroChek® Service Eliminates Water Production, Adds Approximately $80 Million in Value (Case History) May 2006
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BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service controls unwelcome water production by introducing an exceptionally capable water control agent at the shallow part of the formation around perforation tunnels.
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service Treats injection Wells to Provide Improved Sweep Efficiency and Economics by Preventing or Remediating Direct Communication with Producing Wells
CW-FracSM Water Control Service
CW-FracSM Water Control Service is Next-generation technology for helping control water incursion when fracturing near a water zone
EquiSeal™ Conformance Service
Custom water and gas shutoff system for horizontal or highly deviated wellbores.
H2 Zero® Service
Organically crosslinked polymer system for water and gas shutoff.
MOC/One™ System
The MOC/One system is a hydrocarbon-based micro-matrix cement slurry for selective water shutoff.
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service is Developed to optimize the design and placement of unwanted fluid shutoff treatments allowing data to be interpreted with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Thermatek® Fluids
A new generation of chemical treatments used to provide engineered solutions when drilling or producing fractured, unconsolidated or watered out formations.
WaterWeb® Water Control
WaterWeb® Water Control Uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.
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