Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control

Halliburton's Expedite® Service was developed to improve proppant flowback control and to help reduce time to production flowing fracture treatments.

Expedite Service can help to improve production and the NPV of fracturing treatments in several ways:

  • Reduces or eliminates proppant flowback
  • Increases the baseline conductivity of the substrate proppant
  • Maintains proppant conductivity over time
  • Enables maximum production rates
  • Promotes better frac fluid cleanup
  • Applied on-site to any type of proppant
  • Allows immediate on-site design changes
  • Only charged for the proppant that is coated


 Expedite Services 

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Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control

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Summary Expedite® Service Prevents Proppant Flowback; Saves Operator $14,400 (Case History) Sep 2006
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