Sperry Drilling


Sperry Drilling services is a industry leader in providing solutions for drilling wells safe, faster and more accurately. We optimize drilling efficiency through increasing rate of penetration and lowering non-productive time. We place wells precisely to maximize reservoir drainage. Real-time operations are core to our delivery - from remotely operating rigs to consultant solutions.

Our offerings include:

Directional Drilling: extensive experience in drilling the most complex directional wells with conventional, performance, automated and unconventional drilling systems

Drilling Engineering Solutions: custom-engineered, multidiscipline, integrated solutions to help reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk and maximize productivity

Measurements While Drilling: wellbore directional surveys in real time while drilling

Logging While Drilling: advanced petrophysical measurements while drilling for precise wellbore placement for maximum production

Surface Data Logging: intelligent rig monitoring and geological mudlogging services

Optimized Pressure Drilling: custom-tailored managed pressure and underbalanced drilling solutions for complex reservoirs

Mulitilateral Systems: advanced reservoir drainage systems for increased production

Real-Time Services: solutions that allow experts to be there without actually being there to help make drilling safer, faster and more accurate

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