Surface Data Logging

Make better drilling and geological decisions faster

With the evolving environment of today’s oilfield, you require quick access to real-time data to make informed drilling and geological decisions. Surface data logging services from Halliburton Sperry Drilling are engineered to help you reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and overall risk.

Enhance your reservoir understanding with real-time insight

You need the big picture to drill safer, faster, and better. In addition to traditional mud logging, our real-time drilling monitoring, cuttings and gas analyses provide you with vital insight about your well conditions, formation pressures, gas and geology.

  • Precise drilling measurements allow for improved decision-making and performance
  • Advanced gas analysis and extraction services provide complete fluid characterization
  • Cuttings analysis, mineralogical and source rock/maturity rock cuttings at the wellsite enable timely formation evaluation decisions, and can help place the wellbore in the reservoir target zone and the sweet spot.

With real-time data, expert reservoir insight and interpretation, and engineered drilling solutions, we can help you maximize the value of your deepwater, unconventionals and mature field assets every step of the way.

Surface Data Logging (SDL)

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Summary USA, Texas: LaserStrat® In-Field Service Helps Deliver Vastly Higher Jul 2012
Summary Papua New Guinea: LithoSCAN™ Automated Petrography Solution Yields Results in Remote Papua New Guinea Field Test Oct 2011
Summary USA, Alaska: Halliburton's Surface Data Logging Services Provide Critical Reservoir Analysis in Remote Field Where LWD Tool are Unable to Operate Jun 2011
Summary British Columbia, Canada: LaserStrat® Service Helps Double Production Oct 2009
Summary Norway: Sperry Drilling Uses Real-Time Technologies to Remotely Operate Offshore Rigs Mar 2009
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