Surface Data Logging

Surface Data LoggingHalliburton’s Surface Data Logging from Sperry Drilling ensures you get the best information from your well, so you make better drilling decisions, faster. With real time data acquisition, expert interpretation, and instant access through a fully-integrated network, drilling is safer, more efficient, with less non-productive time and reduced overall risk.

Our service includes:

  • Advanced monitoring, analysis, and evaluation services that deliver vital information about well conditions, formation pressures, gas and geology, giving you “the big picture” to help you drill faster, safer, better.
  • Highly-trained and experienced professionals, skilled in monitoring, analysis and interpretation of logging, engineering, and geological parameters, so you can have confidence in the information that guides your decision-making.
  • Full integration of data, from drilling and geological measurements to advanced LaserStrat® chemostratigraphy, through Halliburton’s InSite® rig information management system, making that information easier to access and use by those who need it, and ensuring seamless integration with other digital services from Halliburton.
  • Real-time data access by all parties, putting critical information on the desktops of decision makers when and where it’s needed. More than 600 possible parameters can be displayed and monitored both on the rig and remotely.

Surface Data Logging (SDL)

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Summary USA, Texas: LaserStrat® In-Field Service Helps Deliver Vastly Higher Jul 2012
Summary Papua New Guinea: LithoSCAN™ Automated Petrography Solution Yields Results in Remote Papua New Guinea Field Test Oct 2011
Summary USA, Alaska: Halliburton's Surface Data Logging Services Provide Critical Reservoir Analysis in Remote Field Where LWD Tool are Unable to Operate Jun 2011
Summary British Columbia, Canada: LaserStrat® Service Helps Double Production Oct 2009
Summary Norway: Sperry Drilling Uses Real-Time Technologies to Remotely Operate Offshore Rigs Mar 2009
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Formation Evaluation (FE) Combo Unit
Used in conjunction with the InSite Anywhere® data delivery system, provides mudlogging, LWD and wireline services in one space, improving efficiency while reducing crew size
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