Constant Volume Extractor (CVE )

Analyze drilling mud-contained gases to make reliable predictions on formation fluid type

Constant Volume ExtractorResponding to the need for consistent and reliable gas measurements, Sperry Drilling services developed the Constant Volume Extractor (CVE) gas system. The new system offers a true constant volume extraction with consistent and repeatable results. This helps to obtain more reliable information on hydrocarbons present in the fluid type.

CVE gas system addresses the deficiencies seen in standard gas traps

  • Delivers a continuous constant volume measurement while maintaining consistent gas extraction
  • Helps analyze drilling mud-contained gases to make reliable predictions on formation fluid type
  • Consistent volume provides log analysis with stable readings that more accurately define the mud system
  • Gas readings are more coherent and make well analysis and log interpretation not only easier but also more accurate


  • True constant volume gas extraction system with a hermetic degassing chamber
  • Full software monitoring of all system parameters by the InSite® rig information system
  • Extraction probe mounted at the highest point on the flow line close to the bell nipple
  • Consistent volume of drilling fluid extracted from the flow line for sampling, then returned to the flow line or possum belly

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