Directional Sensors


Directional SensorsWhen drilling vertical, horizontal, or extended reach wells, obtaining accurate measurements of inclination and azimuth is a fundamental requirement. For these measurements, Sperry Drilling services offers three types of MWD directional sensors and the Evader® MWD gyro service. All sensors can be used with mud pulse or electromagnetic telemetry systems.

  • DM (Directional Module)—high-temperature sensor used with the SOLAR™, ExtremeHT-200™ and UltraHT-230™ sensors
  • PCD (Pressure Case Directional) and PM3 (Position Monitor)—standard temperature sensors
  • Evader MWD gyro—service used in conjunction with the MWD directional sensors for simultaneously sending up a magnetic survey and a gyro survey at each pump cycle, as well as for measuring gyroscopic toolfaces for orientation
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Related Information

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