SOLAR® Suite of MWD/LWD Service

Robust, Reliable Services for Harsh Environments

HP/HT Rated Sperry Drilling services' SOLAR® MWD/LWD suite allows for the delivery of exceptional performance even under the most extreme downhole conditions. Designed to provide accurate and timely reservoir measurements while maximizing reservoir deliverability, Sperry’s full range of SOLAR® services perform reliably in HF/HP/HT (high-flow/high-pressure/high-temperature) environments. The sensors within the service have been ruggedized to withstand temperatures as high as 175°C and to withstand pressures as high as 30,000 psi, depending on tool size and type. In addition, the entire SOLAR suite of formation evaluation sensors incorporates hightemperature batteries, which allow both recorded data and pumps-off data acquisition under harsh wellbore conditions. This flexibility ensures that quality information about downhole conditions can be obtained throughout the course of the well. During and after drilling, extreme environments can make tremendous demands on downhole equipment. The sensors within our SOLAR service can ensure accurate directional data and steering capabilities through harsh conditions. Wireline-quality reservoir data for effective, economical reservoir characterization is available in real time while drilling and is stored in downhole memory for later retrieval.

SOLAR Suite of MWD/LWD Services

SOLAR® Suite of MWD/LWD Service

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Summary Oman: SOLAR Quad-Combo Saves 2-3 Days in HPHT wells May 2015
Summary High-temperature drilling and completions in the Haynesville Shale Sep 2011
Summary Thailand: SOLAR® M/LWD Services Used on Thousands of High-Temperature Wells in the Gulf of Thailand Apr 2009
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