Evader® Gyro-While-Drilling Service


Sperry Drilling services' Evader® MWD gyro service was developed to fill a critical industry need: to provide faster, safer, more accurate drilling from offshore multi-well platforms. In the past, a wireline gyro was used to take a gyro shot to orient the pipe and survey the well. This activity can be time-consuming, as well as pose a health, safety and environments (HSE) risk. In between shots, the tool was steered without real-time orientation, increasing the possibility that the motor toolface could change direction and drill into a nearby well.


  • Eliminates the need to use wireline gyros to orient or steer the drilling assemblies, which saves considerable rig time and provides for safer operations
  • Rate gyro accuracy assures precise wellbore guidance for collision avoidance and precise trajectory placement
  • Unaffected by magnetic interference, the sensors can run closer to the bit in the MWD string by eliminating the need for non-magnetic spacing collars for the gyro sensor
  • The tool's modular design allows it to be placed anywhere in the drill collar
  • The tool may be run with either positive pulse or negative pulse telemetry systems
  • The service utilizes the InSite® rig information system and complements Sperry's suite of LWD tools

Evader Gyro While Drilling Service Evader Gyro While Drilling Service

Evader® Gyro-While-Drilling Service

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Summary Colorado, USA: Sperry’s Directional Drilling and Measurement-While-Drilling Services Key in Piceance Basin Tight Gas Development Project Apr 2009
Summary Malaysia: Talisman Uses Sperry’s Evader® MWD Gyro Service to Avoid Downhole Collisions Apr 2008
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