Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD)

Halliburton utilizes measurement-while-drilling (MWD) surveying technology to determine the well path and its position in three-dimensional space. MWD is a valuable tool that can establish true vertical depth, bottom-hole location, and orientation of directional drilling systems.

A range of measurements of the drillstring, BHA and wellbore properties are available to ensure the drilling is occurring according to plan and to identify conditions that could lead to equipment damage or other non-productive time events. These measurements provide information on:

  • The forces acting on the drillstring and BHA including dynamic behavior and the occurrence of vibration
  • The static and dynamic pressures internally within the drillstring and the annulus
  • The size and shape of the wellbore itself

Sperry Drilling services leads the industry with the largest and most robust high pressure, high temperature offering, and invests in significant research and development in HP/HT technology. In HP or HT wells, equipment is required to withstand temperatures higher than 300°F/149°C and pressures above 18,000 psi/124 MPa. Today, the majority of Sperry Drilling's measurement/logging-while-drilling (M/LWD) tools are rated to 347°F/175° C and 25,000 psi/172 MPa.

Sperry now offers Quasar Pulse™ M/LWD service (392°F/200°C and 20,000 psi/138 MPa), making it possible to operate reliably at higher temperatures than ever before and gaining access to reservoirs that were previously uneconomical.

Formation Evaluation Combo Unit
Using the InSite Anywhere® data delivery system, the FE combo unit can provide mudlogging, LWD and wireline services in one space, improving efficiency while reducing crew size.
SOLAR® Suite of MWD/LWD Service
Sperry Drilling's suite of SOLAR® MWD/LWD service allows for the delivery of exceptional performance even under the most extreme downhole conditions.
Quasar Pulse™ Extreme-Temperature MWD/LWD Service

Quasar Pulse™ Extreme-Temperature MWD/LWD Service

Extend the reach of current MWD/LWD sensors rated to temperatures of up to 200°C (392°F), providing reliable directional data and steering capabilities in the most extreme downhole environments.
Quasar Pulse™ Extreme-Temperature MWD/LWD Service

Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD)

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Summary USA, Southern: Operator Reduces Wellbore Position Uncertainty and Avoids Potential Costly Sidetracks for a Blowout Relief Well Jul 2017
Summary Venezuela: Petroindependencia Drills the Longest ERD Well While Staying 100 Percent in Target Zone Jun 2017
Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Mar 2017
Summary USA, North Dakota Bakken: Operator Achieves More Accurate Wellbore Placement Using a New Azimuthal Gamma Ray Service Jan 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geosteering Solution Successfully Lands Wellbore in Difficult Section, Saving Operator USD 600,000 Jan 2017
Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary Ecuador:Operator Saves a Well from Abandonment in Problematic Field Aug 2016
Summary Canada Alberta: Operator Reports Total Estimated Savings of More Than US$7.6 Million Mar 2016
Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Feb 2016
Summary USN-Canada: Operator improves reservoir exposure to 100% with innovative Sperry Drilling geosteering solution despite hole-size challenge Dec 2015
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