Passive Magnetic Ranging

Locate Your Well Accurately From a Known Magnetic Field

Detect the target wellbore relative to the drilling assembly by measuring the magnitude of the magnetic field from the remnant magnetism in the casing string. With our passive magnetic ranging services, you don’t require access to the target well or to the second wellbore; it can be applied to anti-collision, parallel ranging, and well intersection applications, and can help you:

  • Obtain relative positioning measurements, optimize trajectory control, and mitigate uncertainty from compounding measurement-while-drilling (MWD) errors
  • Lower your cost of implementation
  • Perform 100-percent analysis remotely
  • Steer around fishing
  • Extend the distances between active magnetic ranging runs

Every step of the way, Halliburton Sperry Drilling can help you drill to produce, and maximize the value of your asset.

Magnetic Ranging

Passive Magnetic Ranging

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Summary France: Innovative Magnetic Ranging Solution Saves Over USD 200,000 on Complex P&A Project Feb 2018
Summary United States: Sperry Drilling Passive Ranging Leads to Successful Re-Entry and Helps Salvage an 18,000 Foot (5,486 Meter) Well Jan 2015
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