Active Magnetic Ranging Services

Reduce uncertainty in wellbore positioning

Measure the distance and direction between two or more wellbores by using a field of known strength and orientation whether it’s generated with earth magnets or electromagnetism. With our active magnetic ranging services, you no longer need gyro surveys and you can:  

  • Drill safely when operating outside permissible anti-collision limits
  • Deploy parallel ranging accurately for maximized recovery in SAGD operations
  • Avoid well collision by acquiring precise positioning measurements between two wellbores  
  • Position wellbores within extremely tight tolerances, with a range distance of up to 262 ft/80 m, and eliminate costly sidetracks

Active magnetic ranging services include surface-access, access-dependent, and access-independent solutions.

Surface-Access Active Magnetic Ranging

Applications for parallel ranging without the need for downhole wireline conveyance, such as:

  • Steam-assisted gravity design (SAGD) environments 

Access-Dependent Active Magnetic Ranging

Applications where two or more wellbores are positioned within extremely tight tolerances, such as:

  • Stacked horizontal well pairs for SAGD wells
  • In-fill drilling and collision avoidance
  • Wellbore intersections for well control or pipelines
  • Observation well placement
  • Coalbed methane (CBM) degasification wells
Magnetic Ranging

Access-Independent Active Magnetic Ranging

Applications with no access to the existing wellbore but that require wells to be placed closely together without surveying errors, such as:

  • Relief well drilling
  • Collision avoidance
  • Enhanced recovery techniques (TAGD, SAGD, CBM)
  • Abandoned well identification and avoidance
  • Complex plug and abandonment
Magnetic Ranging

Every step of the way, Halliburton Sperry Drilling can help you drill to produce, and maximize the value of your asset.

Active Magnetic Ranging

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Summary USA, Southern: Operator Reduces Wellbore Position Uncertainty and Avoids Potential Costly Sidetracks for a Blowout Relief Well Jul 2017
Summary Indonesia: WellSpot™ Active Magnetic Ranging Service Leads to a Successful Relief Well Interception of a Blowout Well. Apr 2015
Summary India: Sperry Drilling Active WellSpot™ Ranging Saves Millions for Plug and Abandonment Job in Offshore Well Mar 2015
Summary United States: No-Access Active Ranging Saves USD 2.5 Million and over 25 Days Feb 2015
Summary United States: Sperry Drilling Passive Ranging Leads to Successful Re-Entry and Helps Salvage an 18,000 Foot (5,486 Meter) Well Jan 2015
Summary Argentina: Sperry Drilling uses Active Magnetic Ranging to Drill Relief Well and saves the Operator an Estimated $3 Million May 2013
Summary Alaska, USA: Pioneer Natural Resources Uses Active Magnetic Ranging to Avoid Risk ofWellbore Collision Oct 2008
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Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service

Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service

SAGD drilling applications require parallel stacked horizontal wells drilled closely above each other with a high degree of accuracy. At Halliburton, we can help you place your wells accurately the first time and gain the greatest returns from your SAGD project.
Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service
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