Testing and Sampling

Additional information that can aid in formation evaluation is actual samples of the reservoir fluids and pressures in the formation.

Pore pressure measurements for example can aid in determining permeability of the formation and viscosity of the fluids, identify fluid contact points, and are helpful in managing formation pressures and the drilling mud program.

By being able to capture samples from the formation, a number of fluid and formation properties can be monitored, including: resistivity/capacitance; viscosity; density; bubble point; compressibility; horizontal permeability; vertical permeability; and anisotropy.

Testing and Sampling

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Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Mar 2017
Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary GOM: Using GeoTap® LWD Formation Pressure Tester, Operator Saves Estimated USD 2 Million Aug 2016
Summary Mexico: GeoTap® Service Saves Pemex Approximately US$2 Million by Determining Correct Casing Point Mar 2016
Summary Middle East: New GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Pad Design Yields Zero Failures, Zero Nonproductive Time during Formation Testing While Drilling Extended Reach Wells Jul 2014
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Comprehensive Halliburton Solution Includes World’s Deepest Formation Pressure Test in Deepwater Extended Reach Well Drilled around a Salt Structure Oct 2011
Summary Guf of Mexico: GeoTap® Tester Obtains Pressure at 7000 psi to Provide Understanding of Depleted Sand Reservoir Oct 2011
Summary Angola: GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Delivers Quality Pressure Data While Saving Valuable Rig Time May 2010
Summary Brunei: Slim Hole GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Obtains Critical Pressures in Oversized Hole after Unsuccessful Deployment of Wireline Tools on Pipe May 2010
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GeoTap® Sensor
LWD formation tester obtains real-time direct pore pressure measurements.
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