Borehole Imaging

Borehole Imaging High resolution images of the borehole can be used to identify a variety of geological attributes such as structural dip, faults and fractures. These images can also provide insight into the condition of the borehole, stress and rock mechanics around the borehole and assist in porosity determination.

Halliburton provides a suite of solutions for operation in water-based or oil-based muds.

Borehole Imaging

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Summary Oman: Operator Proves Cost Savings With LWD High-Resolution Imaging Service Mar 2017
Summary Middle East: Operator Gathers Valuable Formation Features with the Only Service in Larger Hole Sizes Dec 2016
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor and StrataSteer® 3D Service Provide Real-Time Geosteering Solution for Successful Well Placement in Critical Thin Bed Horizontal Feb 2014
Summary Texas, USA: GABI™ Motor Helps Deliver Well 100 Percent in Target Zone Jan 2014
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor Solution Geosteers Exploration Well to Critical Coring Point Sep 2013
Summary Oklahoma, USA: First 6-3/4-inch GABI™ Motor Trial in USA Demonstrates Real-Time Value Drilling Shale Well Jul 2013
Summary Gulf of Mexico: GABI™ Motor Provides Superior At-Bit Technology for Real-Time Geosteering on GOM Continental Shelf Jul 2013
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry M/LWD Tools Perform in Environment Exceeding 30,000 psi Jul 2012
Summary Malaysia: Sperry Drilling Geosteering Solution Helps Reduce Costs and Increase Production with Precise Wellbore Placement Jul 2012
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Combines ALD™ and DGR™ Sensor Data for Innovative Solution in Difficult GOM Deepwater Well May 2012
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ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor
LWD sensor provides deep reading (up to 18 feet into the formation), directional and high-resolution images that give early warning of approaching bed boundaries before the target zone is exited. Also provides a traditional multi-frequency compensated resistivity sensor. This one tool provides over 2,000 unique measurements for both precise wellbore placement and more accurate petrophysical analysis.
AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor
LWD sensor produces high resolution resistivity images for identifying dip, fractures and borehole breakout. Also provides an omni-directional, laterolog-type resistivity data, electrical images of the formation, and at-bit resistivity (ABR) measurement.
ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Service
The ALD LWD service features high-quality measurements of formation density and photoelectric (Pe) factor for reliable reservoir evaluation.
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