Acoustic / Rock Mechanics

When sonic pulses are introduced into the reservoir, the time taken to travel between fixed points can be measured. The rate at which sound travels is related to the properties of the formation rock and the fluids it contains. This information can be used for porosity estimation, fracture and lithology determination and correlation.

This data can be used in drilling applications (such as pore pressure determination, rock strength calculations, borehole stability analysis) and in geophysical applications (for example time-to-depth seismic correlation and AVO analysis).

Acoustic / Rock Mechanics

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Summary Oman: Operator Proves Cost Savings With LWD High-Resolution Imaging Service Mar 2017
Summary Middle East: Operator Gathers Valuable Formation Features with the Only Service in Larger Hole Sizes Dec 2016
Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary Norway: Operator saves at least two days by running XCAL™ LWD caliper tool to determine hole quality and proper cement calculations Sep 2015
Summary Mexico: Pemex optimizes a mature field well that is now producing three times more than nearby offset wells Jun 2015
Summary Oman: SOLAR Quad-Combo Saves 2-3 Days in HPHT wells May 2015
Summary Mexico: QBAT™ sensor helps Pemex to achieve sonic data in large 26 inch complicated soft-formation well Apr 2015
Summary USA, Alasaka: Sperry Drilling’s XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic Logging-While-Drilling Service Help Stabilize Formation in Well Aug 2014
Summary Angola: QBAT™ LWD Tool Delivers Reliable Compressional Sonic Data in Fast Pre-Salt Formation, Eliminating Need for Wireline Logging in High-Cost Deepwater Environment Jun 2014
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QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
Multipole LWD acoustic service capable of delivering accurate shear and compressional velocity measurements up to 175C.
XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
LWD sonic tool with multipole transmitters and four azimuthal receiver arrays along with a 4-pinger acoustic caliper.
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