StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service

StrataSteer 3D Geosteering ServiceSperry Drilling Services' StrataSteer® 3D service is more than just geosteering. It is the heart of our wellbore positioning service, crucial to placing a well, especially in smaller targets that often require complex well paths and more accurate wellbore positioning.

The service integrates digital 3D geological earth models, directional well plans, petrophysical models and real-time LWD sensor data into a dynamic, interactive and intuitive geosteering application. The service continues to drive reductions in planning cycle time and drilling time while increasing reservoir exposure and production.

StrataSteer Engineer

The service has been run on hundreds of wellbores, for more than 20 international clients, on five continents, and has experienced:

StrataSteer Session
  • Increased production: many wells see daily production increase in excess of 10 percent
  • Reduced nonproductive (NPT): wells have been seen to have up to 30 percent reduced NPT

StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service

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Summary Ecuador: 3D Geosteering Enhances Reservoir Understanding in Complex Stratigraphic Environment May 2018
Summary Ecuador:Operator Saves a Well from Abandonment in Problematic Field Aug 2016
Summary USN-Canada: Operator improves reservoir exposure to 100% with innovative Sperry Drilling geosteering solution despite hole-size challenge Dec 2015
Summary GOM: An operator saved an estimated US$500,000 by staying completely within the target window Jun 2015
Summary China: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo RSS Delivers Record-Setting Run in Tarim Basinsaving Three Days of Rig Time Jan 2015
Summary Middle East: Geo-Pilot® XL 5200 System Delivers First Single-Run Lateral in Middle East Field While Reducing Drilling Time By 3.9 Days Nov 2014
Summary UAE: First Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable Run in UAE Lands Complex Jun 2014
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor and StrataSteer® 3D Service Provide Real-Time Geosteering Solution for Successful Well Placement in Critical Thin Bed Horizontal Jun 2014
Summary Egypt: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System Delivers High Build Rate Well Profile and Saves Operator Five Days of Rig Time May 2014
Summary Middle East: Geosteering Solution Delivers Record Performance, Cuts Seven Days from Lateral Well, Saving Customer an Estimated $400,000 Feb 2014
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