ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity LWD Service

Providing high-quality density measurements and formation images

The ALD™ azimuthal lithodensity logging-while-drilling (LWD) service features high-quality measurements of formation density and photoelectric (Pe) factor for reliable reservoir evaluation. These measurements are combined with azimuthal binning of data andRequest Info Button an acoustic stand-off sensor to provide images of the formations surrounding the borehole, from which formation dips can be estimated, and  borehole size and shape measurements for early decision-making in geosteering and hole-quality applications. The density and Pe measurements from different tool orientations are segregated, so that accurate measurements can be obtained, even if the borehole is enlarged.


  • Accurate density and Pe logs, even in enlarged boreholes or with bi-center bits
  • Formation imaging for:
    - Geosteering
    - Structural dip in high-angle wells
    - Borehole breakout, washout and spiraling
  • Porosity
  • Lithology
  • Pore pressure
  • Gas detection (with neutron porosity)
  • Formation mechanical and seismic properties (with the QBAT™ or XBAT™ sonic tool)

ALD™ Service Benefits

  • Available in the widest range of borehole sizes in the industry, including the new 9-1/2-inch ALD service suitable for borehole diameters of 14-1/2 inches or larger.
  • Reduces cost and time by eliminating wireline conveyance even in SOLAR® conditions
  • Optimizes wellbore placement through geosteering
  • Reduces geological uncertainty and refines the earth model by measuring structural dip in real time

SOLAR® Conditions: this service is available in a high–temperature and/or high-pressure version of up to 347°F (175°C) and 30,000 psi (207 MPa).

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ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Service

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Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Mar 2017
Summary Oman: Operator Proves Cost Savings With LWD High-Resolution Imaging Service Mar 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geosteering Solution Successfully Lands Wellbore in Difficult Section, Saving Operator USD 600,000 Jan 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico: New LWD Density Service Saves Operator USD 1 Million Jan 2017
Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Nov 2016
Summary US-GOM: An operator saved an estimated US$500,000 by staying completely within the target window Jun 2015
Summary Oman: SOLAR Quad-Combo Saves 2-3 Days in HPHT wells May 2015
Summary Mexico: Sperry Drilling’s New Data Compression Software Facilitates Geosteering Within Thin Reservoir while Significantly Reducing Drilling Time Jun 2012
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Combines ALD™ and DGR™ Sensor Data for Innovative Solution in Difficult GOM Deepwater Well May 2012
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