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The NAV solutions are focused on improving drilling efficiency. The Drilling Performance and Drilling Assurance solutions include BHA design and optimization, drilling system design and optimization, and advanced pressure measurement studies all focused on improving drilling efficiency.

Drilling Performance

Focusing on improving drilling efficiency through integrating and optimizing the drilling system through the BHA Design and Optimization solution and the Drilling System Design and Optimization solution, the Drilling Performance solutions deliver integrated, engineered drilling systems to help improve performance and efficiency.

  • BHA Design and Optimization: Delivers offset performance assessment and BHA designs with Bit Selection along with recommended operating parameters for each proposed BHA. This package is supported by Halliburton Drill Bits and Services.
  • Drilling System Design and Optimization: This package includes a drilling fluids proposal in addition to the BHA Design and Optimization package. This package is supported by Baroid and Halliburton Drill Bits and Services.

Drilling Assurance

The Drilling Assurance solutions explore the technic al or technical and economic viability of employing various optimized pressure drilling solutions to improve drilling efficiency based on the specifics of the reservoir and drilling environment.

  • GeoBalance® Technical Feasibility Study: Delivers an assessment of the geology, reservoir, well construction and drilling considerations for the applicability of GeoBalance Applications. Delivers a final assessment of the most appropriate GeoBalance solutions offering for the wells being considered
  • GeoBalance® Economic and Technical Feasibility: In addition to the technical feasibility study, an economic risk analysis will be performed on the proposed most appropriate GeoBalance application option.
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