AGS™ Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer

Sperry Drilling services offers the AGS™ tool, which allows changes in the build or drop tendencies of directional drilling assemblies in rotary mode without tripping to reposition stabilizers or change the gauge.

The AGS tool is a simple, rugged, purely mechanical device that works off of pump pressure and has only two positions. The mandrel has inclined surfaces or ramps machined into the outer surface. Each ramp has an associated piston that is locked into the ramp face via a T-slot. By toggling between two different gauge positions, the inclination tendency of the bottomhole assembly (BHA) can be manipulated while in rotary mode. More time rotating means more efficient weight transfer, better hole cleaning and higher quality wellbores with greater reach capacity — all with fewer trips for BHA changes. This makes Sperry's AGS tool perfectly suited for extended-reach and horizontal well applications.

AGS Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer

AGS™ Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer

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Summary South East Asia: Quasar Pulse℠ M/LWD service saves customer approximately USD 1 Million Mar 2015
Summary China: Sperry Drilling Delivers Record Horizontal Well in China Feb 2009
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