Survey Management

Survey Management Proper reservoir estimation is a high-stakes task. We help avoid the costs that come with over- or under-estimating reservoirs. Our analysis supports the quality assurance system in ensuring that all directional survey data acquired in the field meet the geometrical positioning standards required.

We can help improve your profitability by:
  • Removing uncertainty from the decision-making process
  • Reducing risk
  • Cutting costs
  • Ensuring safer drilling conditions

Enhanced wellbore placement management with faster, more reliable analysis

Survey management oversees quality wellbore placement through:
  • Data quality and integrity control
  • Improvements in reference models
  • Removal of systematic error in data sets
  • Improving wellbore position accuracy
  • Managing existing datasets
  • Educating the industry

MaxSurvey™ Analysis service is one of our new key enhancements. This multi-station analysis software provides faster, easier, and more reliable analysis to deliver enhanced wellbore placement. Unique to the industry, MaxSurvey software identifies and applies corrections to errors and biases that are internal and external to directional survey tools.

Real-time support. Anywhere.

We offer the most sophisticated enhancements for wellbore placement management, including:
  • Enhanced magnetics, such as In-Field Referencing (IFR1) and Interpolated In-Field Referencing (IFR2)
  • MaxSurvey Analysis (Multi-Station Analysis (MSA))
  • Tool-Code enhancement and reduction
  • Remote operating center (ROC), which provides 24/7 real-time support and corrections from any location globally
  • Daily quality control of survey data
  • Ability to supply corrections to third-party service providers
  • Survey post-processing services
  • Database management

Survey Management

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Summary USA, Southern: Operator Reduces Wellbore Position Uncertainty and Avoids Potential Costly Sidetracks for a Blowout Relief Well Jul 2017
Summary Latin America: IPM Helps Operator Save Estimated USD 1 Million for New Wells, While Increasing Production in Mature Field Mar 2017
Summary USA, Colorado: Operator Saves Potential Trip-Out and Eight Hours of Rig Time Aug 2016
Summary USA: Survey Management generates extensive 'Gold' database for better well planning and anti-collisions May 2015
Summary United States, Alaska: Interpolated In-Field Referencing (IFR2) service confirms accuracy of MWD data May 2015
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Drilling Survey Management Audit Reduces Ellipse of Uncertainty by 600% to Meet Anti-Collision Criteria May 2012
Summary Canada: Accurate Geosteering Helps to Precisely Position a Wellbore in a Cyclic Steam Application for Optimized Oil Recovery Dec 2009
Summary Canada: Accurate Geosteering Helps to Precisely Position a Wellbore in a Cyclic Steam Application for Optimized Oil Recovery Dec 2009
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