Vertical Drilling

While attempting to drill straight down, boreholes have a natural tendency to deviate from a vertical path. However, maintaining strict verticality may be important for certain applications such as:

  • Complex offshore wells, where multiple casing strings and liners with tight clearances require a high degree of verticality to make running casing easier and reduce casing wear and torque and drag
  • Drilling long vertical sections in gas wells
  • Drilling along the lease lines in exploration wells
  • Tight well spacing on offshore templates or onshore drilling pads may cause concern for wellbore collision unless the wellbores are vertical

Whatever your vertical drilling applications may be, Sperry Drilling has automated vertical drilling solutions to help control borehole deviation and maintain verticality.

VertiSteer™ Vertical Drilling Tool
The VertiSteer™ tool is a mechanical drilling technology with vertical correction capability used to achieve and maintain a vertical wellbore path without intervention.
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Related Information

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