SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service


SlickBore Sperry Drilling services' innovative SlickBore® matched drilling service has proven that a smooth hole can influence every parameter of the well construction process -- from downhole vibration and torque and drag to hole cleaning, trip time, logging tool response and ease of running both logging tools and casing. The SlickBore system combines a FullDrift® extended-gauge PDC or roller cone bit with Sperry's specially designed PDM positive displacement motor and MaxBHA™ bottomhole assembly modeling software, providing a customized drilling system designed to improve ROP, directional control and hole quality.

The SlickBore service utilizes an extended-gauge bit design based on a nonaggressive cutting structure typified by small, densely positioned cutters with high back-rake angles to improve steerability. The FullDrift bit's design acts as a stabilizer to increase bit stability and provide a smoother wellbore by eliminating spiraling and ledging. The system can also be configured with a NBR® near-bit reamer for concentric hole opening, an AGS™ adjustable gauge stabilizer for full 2-D control in rotary mode or an ABI™ at-bit inclination sensor for more precise landing capability.


  • Higher drilling and sliding ROPs
  • Reduced vibration
  • Increased mud motor and MWD reliability
  • Increased bit life
  • Less hole spiraling and tortuosity
  • Better hole cleaning

SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service

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Summary North Sea: Statoil Saves 9.25 Hours of Offshore Rig Time Using SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service Jan 2016
Summary Gulf of Mexico: SlickBore® System and ADT® Service Sets Records May 2008
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