Geo-Pilot® and Geo-Pilot® XL Rotary Steerable Systems


Setting Direction with the Pilot™ Fleet

The cornerstone of the Sperry Drilling services' Pilot™ Fleet of automated drilling systems, the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system delivers unprecedented speed and up to a 20 percent reduction in non-productive time. Using point-the-bit technology, the Geo-Pilot system precisely steers the wellbore while rotating the drillstring to increase ROP and reduce drilling days. The Geo-Pilot service delivers real-time continuous at-bit steering control and formation evaluation to provide an accurate assessment of the wellbore position at all times.

The Geo-Pilot® XL rotary steerable system builds upon the success of the Geo-Pilot system, providing all of the proven speed and hole quality benefits but in a hardened, more durable package. The new ruggedized design allows the Geo-Pilot XL system to overcome a range of harsh drilling conditions. Equipped with a TEM™ torsional efficiency monitor the Geo-Pilot XL system provides instant warning of the onset of stick-slip. This system helps deliver precise wellbore placement, maximum reservoir exposure and maximum durability.

Geo-Pilot XL System Applications

  • Areas with high incidence of stick-slip
  • Areas with sloughing shales
  • Extended reach drilling and other long duration intervals
  • All high-cost drilling environments

Geo-Pilot XL System Benefits

  • Helps improve instantaneous and average rate of penetraton
  • Delivers unmatched endurance under extreme drilling conditions
  • Helps reduce trips
  • Helps ensure precise wellbore placement in all drilling environments

Geo-Pilot and Geo-Pilot XL rotary steerable systems are fully integrated with all Sperry Drilling LWD sensors and the InSite® rig information management system to provide a complete real-time drilling and formation evaluation package.




Geo-Pilot® and Geo-Pilot® XL Rotary Steerable Systems

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Summary Ecuador: 3D Geosteering Enhances Reservoir Understanding in Complex Stratigraphic Environment May 2018
Summary Indonesia: Operator saves 61 hours and USD $500,000 with Geo-Pilot® XL RSS Combined with Underreamer Aug 2017
Summary Brazil: Petrobras Achieves Lowest Cost Per Foot in Brazilian Pre-Salt Sections, Reducing Four Rig Days Jul 2017
Summary Venezuela: Petroindependencia Drills the Longest ERD Well While Staying 100 Percent in Target Zone Jun 2017
Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Mar 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geosteering Solution Successfully Lands Wellbore in Difficult Section, Saving Operator USD 600,000 Jan 2017
Summary Ecuador:Operator Saves a Well from Abandonment in Problematic Field Aug 2016
Summary GOM: DrillDOC™ and Geo-Pilot® RSS Services Drill Multiple Salt Sections to TD in Single Runs Apr 2016
Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Feb 2016
Summary Gulf of Mexico Geo-Pilot® Dirigo 11K RSS delivers higher torque capabilities in large hole sections of deepwater well May 2015
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