GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors

GeoForce motors can be configured to perform reliably in a wide range of drilling applications and environments, including: directional, vertical, horizontal, extended-reach, short radius, intermediate radius, air/foam, underbalanced, shale, casing, high-pressure/high-temperature, and abrasive, and are compatible with synthetic-, oil-, and water-based mud systems.

Even-layer Stator

Enhanced performance

Delivering 65 percent more torque per unit length than conventional elastomer stator technology, GeoForce motors feature a contoured steel stator with an even-layer lining of specially-engineered elastomer that allows for higher operating temperatures and longer, more productive runs. GeoForce motors reduce stalling, lessen damaging stick-slip, withstand higher temperatures, are more resistant to fluid interaction, and deliver higher ROP.

Features of the GeoForce Motor
  • Even-layer stator technology reduces heat generation and retention
  • Unique power-unit stator elastomer lining supported by profiled steel stator lobes, which provide a more effective rotor-to-stator seal, resulting in more efficient power production
  • High differential pressure capability (250 psi/stage)
Benefits of the GeoForce Motor
  • Provides greater torque output than conventional motors
  • Delivers more consistent RPM and torque, increasing ROP and bit life
  • Operates in higher operating temperature (350°F/175°C)
  • Reduces failures associated with chemical-induced swelling by having more resistance than conventional stators

GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors

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Summary Oman: GeoForce® Motor Saves Operator 7.5 Drilling Days with Fewest Number of Bit Runs in History of Field Jan 2017
Summary USA, Wyoming: Operator Saves $145,000 by Replacing RSS with GeoForce Motor Solution Mar 2016
Summary Canada, Alberta: GeoForce® XL motors help operator save US$2.5 million in Duvernay shale well May 2015
Summary Mozambique: Halliburton Matched Drilling System Helps Operator Save $2.5 Million in Deepwater Mozambique Sep 2013
Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Beats Drilling Curve to Kick-off Point with an Estimated Rig Time Savings of $30,000 Jul 2013
Summary Egypt: GeoForce® XL Motor Powers through Hard Formation, Reducing Drilling Time by 54 Hours Jun 2013
Summary Angola: 24-inch Geo-Pilot® XL System Drills Vertical and Build Sections in a Single Run Sep 2012
Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL System Successfully delivers 24-inch Section of Deepwater Exploration Well with Precise Vertical Control Sep 2012
Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Powers Through Three Forks Resource Play Jun 2012
Summary Colombia: Ecopetrol Saves Over Five Days of Rig Time using GeoForce® Enhanced Performance Motor Jun 2012
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