Drilling Motors

Drilling motors from Halliburton Sperry Drilling

The drilling motors from Halliburton Sperry Drilling offer a wide range of configurations to meet your needs. These motors have the power, torque, and speed to drill with the most aggressive polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits for specific downhole conditions or well designs. Using the latest available technology and materials, the Halliburton motors can be used in an extensive range of drilling applications, such as:

  • Vertical, directional, and
    horizontal wells
  • High temperature
  • Synthetic-, oil-, and water-based mud systems
  • Performance drilling
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Shale plays
  • Motor above rotary steerable system - MARSS

Configurable power sections

A range of modular power sections is available to match the motor output to the specific requirements of each project and the style of bit. We offer:

  • High-speed motors for drilling in harder formations, where diamond impregnated bits are preferred
  • Slower-speed motors that match the rpm requirements of roller cone bits
  • Low and medium speed motors with very high torque output for maximum rate of penetration (ROP) and long life downhole, where PDC bits are optimal

Drilling Motors

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Summary Oman: GeoForce® Motor Saves Operator 7.5 Drilling Days with Fewest Number of Bit Runs in History of Field Jan 2017
Summary USA, Wyoming: Operator Saves $145,000 by Replacing RSS with GeoForce Motor Solution Mar 2016
Summary GOM: An operator saved an estimated US$500,000 by staying completely within the target window Jun 2015
Summary Canada, Alberta: GeoForce® XL motors help operator save US$2.5 million in Duvernay shale well May 2015
Summary USA, Texas: Halliburton Matched System Helps save Operator an Estimated $60,000 Delivering One-Run Curve and Lateral Nov 2014
Summary USA, New Mexico: Halliburton Matched System Delivers Curve in One Run Saving Operator an Estimated $56,000 Nov 2014
Summary Marcellus Shale, USA: SperryDrill® XL Motor Drills First Single-Run 8 ½-Inch Hole Sections in Marcellus Shale Wells Jun 2014
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor and StrataSteer® 3D Service Provide Real-Time Geosteering Solution for Successful Well Placement in Critical Thin Bed Horizontal Jun 2014
Summary Texas, USA: GABI™ Motor Helps Deliver Well 100 Percent in Target Zone Jan 2014
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor Solution Geosteers Exploration Well to Critical Coring Point Sep 2013
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GABI™ Downhole Drilling Motor
Sperry Drilling’s GABI™ motor is equipped with a GABI™ sensor providing at-bit azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements for improved geosteering and optimum wellbore placement.
GeoForce® Motors
Enhance drilling performance with even-layer stator technology.
SperryDrill® and SperryDrill® XL/XLS Positive Displacement Motors
The SperryDrill® positive displacement motor operates reliably under a wide range of downhole conditions. With configurations suitable for everything from conventional fluid drilling to air drilling, from standard to high temperature and high pressure environments, from long to short radius, the SperryDrill fleet of motors delivers superior performance in every application.
StrataForce™ Motors
Improve drilling performance with extended length power sections featuring state-of-the-art, highly-resilient elastomer stator technology.
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