ADT® Drilling Optimization Service

ADT Drilling Optimization ServiceSperry Drilling services'  ADT® drilling optimization service helps you optimize your drilling practices through a proven philosophy of modeling, measuring and optimizing by expert personnel.

The three areas of ADT service expertise that are targeted to provide the most value to the well construction process include drillstring integrity, hydraulics management and wellbore integrity.

Drillstring integrity focuses on:

  • prevention of mechanical overload
  • protection from fatigue
  • minimizing excessive shock and vibration.

Specialized software is used to model every bottom hole assembly (BHA) and drillstring. Downhole and surface vibration detection sensors allow the ADT service specialist to measure harmful vibration modes and identify active vibration mechanisms. Correlation with formation evaluation data and surface drilling parameters enables you to take the correct actions to reduce damaging vibration and improve performance. Root cause analysis and effective documentation of experience and lessons learned help ensure continued improvement in BHA design, bit and drive selections.

Hydraulics management focuses on:

  • maintaining annular pressures within wellbore pressure boundaries
  • optimizing hole cleaning and clean-up cycles
  • optimizing circulating system pressures
  • maximizing ROP without exceeding mud weight windows
  • optimizing tripping time

The ADT service specialist models static and real-time hydraulics and torque and drag to predict the expected drilling conditions. Advanced DrillAhead® hydraulics software is used to model the location and severity of cuttings bed build up and hole cleaning efficiency. Hydraulics models can predict the effect of temperature, pressure and compressibility on downhole mud properties and resulting hole cleaning efficiency and system pressures.

Wellbore integrity focuses on:

  • defining upper and lower wellbore pressure limits
  • identifying the optimum mud weight window.

The ADT service specialist can predict the pore pressure caused by various mechanisms, fracture pressure, and hole collapse pressures. The industry-leading Drillworks® software is used to provide comprehensive pre-well analysis and wellsite surveillance services to determine the mechanisms of pore pressure generation within a prospect. Advanced pore pressure, geomechanical and basin models can also be developed and updated in real time. Using real-time formation evaluation data, including sonic, density, resistivity and gamma ray, enables the ADT service specialist to update and refine the expected conditions. Recommendations are then made to help ensure wellbore integrity and stability, maximize ROP, extend target depth criteria and optimize or eliminate casing points. It removes uncertainty in mud weight decisions, and integrates with the Hydraulics Management service to maximize performance while helping to maintain safe drilling conditions.

ADT® Drilling Optimization Service

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Summary Brazil: Operator Saves USD 3.4 Million in Presalt Drilling Aug 2017
Summary Streamlined Well Construction Eliminates 71 Days of Rig Time, Saving Consortium USD 90 Million Apr 2017
Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Mar 2017
Summary Latin America: Operator Saves USD 7.2 Million with Improved Drilling Performance and Sets New Field Benchmark Jan 2017
Summary Ecuador:Operator Saves a Well from Abandonment in Problematic Field Aug 2016
Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Feb 2016
Summary USA, North Dakota: Planning, Collaboration and an Optimized Drilling Performance Deliver Record-Breaking Extended Reach Unconventionals Wells in Bakken/Three Forks Apr 2015
Summary UAE: First Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable Run in UAE Lands Complex Jun 2014
Summary Brunei: ADT® Optimization Service Helps Ensure Critical Hole Cleaning, Cuts NPT in Long ERD Well Jun 2014
Summary Asia Pacific: Active Performance Benchmarking MaxActivity™ Software Analysis Reduces Invisible Lost Time, Improves Efficiency and Saves Operator over $1 Million Nov 2012
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