Directional Drilling

Sperry's Directional Drilling services have earned a worldwide reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive integration of tools, processes and personnel delivers drilling performance with faster rates of penetration, superior hole quality and precise wellbore placement. We offer a variety of directional drilling services for all applications - from land and shallow water environments to extended-reach offshore drilling.

Our superior directional drilling technology includes SperryDrill® and GeoForce® downhole drilling motors, the Pilot™ fleet of rotary steerable solutions, Max™ suite of directional drilling software, Turbopower™ turbodrills and Matched Systems.

Drilling Optimization 

Sperry Drilling can optimize the drilling process through a proven philosophy of modeling, measuring and optimizing by expert personnel whose recommendations help operators make decisions that can lead to improved drilling practices. The ADT® drilling optimization service focuses on maintaining the integrity of the drillstring, managing the hydraulic pressures, ensuring effective hole cleaning and determining the pressure limits of the open hole in order to maintain wellbore integrity—all crucial aspects of drilling a wellbore.

A number of sensors delivering information from both downhole and the surface are used to measure the real-time performance of drilling operations. For example, the DrillDOC® drilling downhole optimization collar tool provides real-time measurements of weight, torque and bending on bit to characterize the transfer of energy from surface to the bit. These measurements help optimize drilling parameters to maximize performance and minimize wasted energy transfer and vibration. The DrillDOC tool contains multiple sensors to provide the weight, torque and bending moment values and has a vibration sensor that delivers a full suite of vibration measurements. This integration ensures that the full movement of the BHA is measured through all aspects of the drilling process.

High Pressure, High Temperature

To meet the demands of severe drilling conditions in hostile environments, Sperry Drilling’s SOLAR™ range offers tools and sensors designed specifically for extreme temperature and pressure environments.  Specially ruggedized and incorporating design features to withstand downhole vibration in extreme conditions, Sperry's SOLAR™ Geo-Pilot® XL rotary steerable system high pressure/high temperature tools provide precise rotary steerable drilling capabilities in temperatures up to 347°F/175°C and pressures as high as 30,000 psi/207 MPa. SperryDrill® positive displacement mud motors and GeoForce® enhanced performance motors can also be configured to deliver unmatched power and reliability for motor drilling applications in hot-hole conditions.

For ultra high pressure/high temperature environments, Sperry’s Turbopower™ turbodrills are able to operate in downhole conditions of up to 572°F/300°C with unlimited pressure capabilities. 

Directional Drilling

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Summary Egypt: First Turbopower™ Turbodrill Application in Egypt Successfully Powers through Abrasive, High-Temperature Formation to Save Operator Over $450,000 Jul 2014
Summary UAE: First Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable Run in UAE Lands Complex Jun 2014
Summary Marcellus Shale, USA: SperryDrill® XL Motor Drills First Single-Run 8 ½-Inch Hole Sections in Marcellus Shale Wells Jun 2014
Summary Egypt: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System Delivers High Build Rate Well Profile and Saves Operator Five Days of Rig Time May 2014
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geo-Pilot® GXT 9600 Rotary Steerable System + Quad-Combo Solution Delivers Section Benchmark Performance in Ultra-Deepwater Exploration Well, Saving Operator Approximately $2,200,000 Mar 2014
Summary Middle East: Geosteering Solution Delivers Record Performance, Cuts Seven Days from Lateral Well, Saving Customer an Estimated $400,000 Feb 2014
Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor and StrataSteer® 3D Service Provide Real-Time Geosteering Solution for Successful Well Placement in Critical Thin Bed Horizontal Feb 2014
Summary Texas, USA: GABI™ Motor Helps Deliver Well 100 Percent in Target Zone Jan 2014
Summary Argentina: Sperry Drilling’s Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System, Electromagnetic Telemetry and ADT® Drilling Optimization Service helped save rig time Dec 2013
Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Fastest ROP over Longest Run in Deepwater Pre-Salt, Saving Operator More than US $2 Million Nov 2013
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Short Radius Drilling
With Sperry Drilling’s Short Radius system, you can keep short radius wellbore paths on plan and on target with predictable directional behavior.
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