Drilling PerformanceIn the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. Halliburton appreciates that equation - and we design drilling programs that not only increase recoveries, but also lower costs by minimizing nonproductive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital.  

Optimize Performance. Engineer Success.

For upstream oil and gas companies looking to reduce overall well construction costs while increasing asset recovery, Halliburton delivers drilling performance to improve wellbore quality and add value to overall well construction.  


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Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Feb 2016
Summary North Sea: Statoil Saves 9.25 Hours of Offshore Rig Time Using SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service Jan 2016
Summary USN-Canada: Operator improves reservoir exposure to 100% with innovative Sperry Drilling geosteering solution despite hole-size challenge Dec 2015
Summary Oman: In soft formation, Geo-Pilot® Dirigo™ 7600 RSS drills three complex legs in one run, saving operator 32.5 hours and US$40,000 Nov 2015
Summary Oman: Operator Locates Top of Fish Target with ABI™ Sensor Oct 2015
Summary Norway: Operator saves at least two days by running XCAL™ LWD caliper tool to determine hole quality and proper cement calculations Sep 2015
Summary US-GOM: Operator saves three days of deepwater rig time with XBAT™ Caliper Log (XCAL™) tool Sep 2015
Summary LatchRite® pre-milled window multilateral system reduces installation time and saves operator an estimated US$2.5 million Jul 2015
Summary Wyoming:Electromagnetic telemetry (EMT) system successfully helped customer reach TD in a single run in high-lost-circulation formation Jul 2015
Summary US-GOM: An operator saved an estimated US$500,000 by staying completely within the target window Jun 2015
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