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Tight Gas - A Holistic Approach

Halliburton’s holistic approach creates more value for producers.
While traditional fields look more toward reserves, the key in tight gas is the reservoir deliverability throughout its entire life. A holistic solution represents the best approach for optimizing production for the unique set of geological and engineering conditions that are present in a particular well, reservoir, field or basis.

To determine the best drilling and completion methods, every well in every field requires a thorough understanding of the reservoir, an understanding of the best production mechanisms and overall basin drainage, field drilling plan and wells’ architectures as well as completion techniques and long term production procedures.  All of this must be done within the Operational Excellence management system that provides high quality, has high HSE (health, safety and environment) standards and promotes sustainability.

No two tight gas fields are alike.
Therefore, no “automatic” application of technologies should be applied until full due diligence is done on the proposed basin—down to the most minor details of a formation. Large amounts of time and costs can be wasted if the due diligence is faulty or incomplete. Indeed, all the factors that might affect production must be looked at as a single data point, as well as integrated with other factors. Why? Because while individual factors might make small differences in production, added together they add up to significant production differences.

Because no single technology will determine success or failure in a particular tight gas reservoir, development in these reservoirs is like a pyramid where many individual solutions must be combined at different levels to create a total solution. In other words, a holistic approach is critical in order to finally reach the optimum sweet spot with minimum nonproductive time.

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