Reduced Time to Drill SAGD Well Pairs


Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) well pairs typically average a total of 12 days to drill (six days for the producer and six for the injector). Because these wells are drilled from pad locations and with very tight spacing, drilling operations have become very specialized, requiring specially designed drilling rigs and equipment in order to drill wells more and more efficiently without sacrificing wellbore quality/performance. Any technical and/or process innovations that will reduce the time required to drill these wells is of immense value to operators.


Halliburton offers multiple technologies and processes to solve multiple challenges. For example, our drilling optimization service provides the most value to the well construction process, including drillstring integrity, hydraulics management and wellbore integrity. Halliburton’s matched drilling system has proven that a smooth hole can influence every parameter of the well construction process.

Logging-while-drilling (LWD) sensors help direct high-angle and horizontal drilling and ensure efficient use of expensive rig time. Measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technology is used to determine wellpath and position in three-dimensional space. MWD can establish true vertical depth, bottom-hole location, and orientation of directional drilling systems. This valuable tool can allow the user to simulate proposed drilling conditions, allowing optimization of the fluid properties and the drilling parameters. Reamer technology represents a whole new generation of hole enlargement tools engineered to minimize lateral vibrations in simultaneous operations. And finally, Halliburton utilizes its reamer technology to enlarge the hole during the drilling process with one-trip drilling which helps eliminate an entire trip in/out of the hole. This reduces drilling time by one day from an average of 6 days (a 17% reduction).

Reduced Time to Drill SAGD Well Pairs

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