CYPHERSM Seismic-to-Stimulation Service


No conventional path leads to top-tier success in the development of unconventional hydrocarbons. Tight gas, tight oil, shale gas, and shale oil reservoirs don’t give up their hydrocarbons easily. It takes insightful basin and reservoir knowledge, flawless planning and delivery, proven processes, plus complete integration and collaboration to discover and recover all that unconventional reservoirs can provide. That’s why Halliburton developed CYPHERSM seismic-to-stimulation service— to help minimize cost and maximize the net present value of your asset.

CYPHER service is provided at the asset level and provides value from exploration through to mature field harvesting. The service can be implemented at any time during the lifecycle of a field because it encompasses all key modules for field development, from basin modeling through to production analysis and field optimization. CYPHER service applies geoscience techniques and applied engineering every step of the way to make sure reservoirs are being developed to maximize profitability for the customer.


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