CYPHERsm Seismic-to-Stimulation Service


Shale and Tight Reservoirs | Solve Complex Challenges with CYPHER

World Oil Awards 2014 WinnerCYPHERsm Seismic-to-Stimulation Service is a collaborative, integrated workflow that leverages subsurface insight to know precisely where to drill, how to drill, where to frac, and how to frac. With CYPHER Service, operators will maximize the value of their shale asset by increasing production, lowering cost per BOE, and reducing uncertainty every step of the way.

Collaboration and Data Integration

The CYPHER Service is built on collaboration and information sharing between Halliburton and the customer. It's more than a single technology; it's a holistic engineering approach that links geoscience and applied engineering to better predict and produce unconventional reserves across the lifecycle of the well.

The collaboration enables data integration across multiple platforms to build an Interactive Earth Model for full-field development. The Model is continuously calibrated and validated with data captured from the reservoir. Access to hydrocarbons is optimized through stimulation, fracturing, sweet spot identification, reservoir simulation, and well placement.


Increase production | Lower cost per BOE | Reduce uncertainty

The CYPHER Service enables operators to maximize the value of shale and tight reservoirs from initial field exploration to field development. In reservoirs where we've applied the CYPHER Service our customers have seen:

  • Reduction in cycle time by 80%
  • Higher initial production rates by 35%
  • Improved EUR by 124%
  • Lower costs per BOE by 40%
Discover the collaborative CYPHER Service where geoscience, reservoir, drilling and completion engineering enable you to better produce and predict unconventional reserves.
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