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Halliburton has the global experience, reservoir knowledge and technical expertise to help operators extend well production and improve asset recovery from mature fields. We've worked in all major oil and gas producing basins across the globe, delivering well and field solutions to address your unique challenges in mature fields. Click on the case studies below to read more about our mature fields solutions.

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Summary Drilling Optimization in Karim Small Field Saves Medco 16 Percent on Drilling Time Apr 2018
Summary Successful Collaboration Between Halliburton and WEPCO Added 150% in Oil Daily Production Rate Mar 2018
Summary Well Construction Drilling Record Mar 2018
Summary Fluid System Enables Effective Stimulation in Deep, Hot Reservoirs Mar 2018
Summary Engineered WaterFrac Service for Ultra-Low-Permeability Formations Mar 2018
Summary High-Temperature, Low-Permeability Wells Require Low Gel Frac Fluids to Protect from Formation Damage Mar 2018
Summary High-Temperature Zonal Isolation During Horizontal-Well Stimulation Yields Three-Fold Increase in Production Rate vs. Vertical Well Mar 2018
Summary Halliburton Technology Helps Identify Dual-String Casing Integrity in a Single Run Mar 2018
Summary Venezuela: Petroboscan Obtains Real-Time Formation Pressure Data and Extends Production in a Mature Field Feb 2018
Summary France: Innovative Magnetic Ranging Solution Saves Over USD 200,000 on Complex P&A Project Feb 2018
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves $1.6 Million on Two Wells Feb 2018
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Two Days of Rig Time Offshore Feb 2018
Summary Boots & Coots Regains Control of Well After Blowout Occurs During Workover Operation Feb 2018
Summary Geographic Information System + MVP 2.0™ Chemical Program Management Tool Helps Operator Meet Strict Pipeline Integrity Regulations Feb 2018
Summary Multi-Chem Identifies Cost-Effective Solvent Solutions for More Efficient Line Pigging Feb 2018
Summary Multi-Chem Thermal Imaging Leads to Effective Treatment for Paraffin Buildup Feb 2018
Summary Unconventional Corrosion Protection Solution Includes Monitoring Assistance in ‘Problem Area’ Feb 2018
Summary Infrared Imaging Identifies Composition of Leak Contents, Leads to Solution Feb 2018
Summary CleanWell® Solutions Enable Operator to Avoid Losses in the Upper Lateral Section Jan 2018
Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit Delivers Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiencies Jan 2018
Summary Corrosion Monitoring Tools Prove Effectiveness of Chemical Application via Slip-Stream Jan 2018
Summary Successful Drilling of an Exploratory Well 30 Days Ahead of Schedule Dec 2017
Summary Integrated Solution More Than Doubles Reservoir Contact Nov 2017
Summary eRED® Valve Replaces Ball-Drop Method to Set Hydraulic Packer Sep 2017
Summary Operator Identifies Shallow Surface-Casing Corrosion Without Costly Workover Aug 2017
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