Scaling control and removal

How do you remediate and prevent reservoir fracture, casing and pipeline scale buildup?

The best solution is prevention. Halliburton has a suite of scale inhibitors including a variety of liquid and solid inhibitors to meet most needs.

However, if scaling occurs, an optimized fluid system design can be used to clean scale buildup. The best system design typically starts with analyzing a sample of the scale material and performing solubility testing to determine the ideal treatment. When job logistics permit for acid soluble scale, Halliburton's Acid-on-the-Fly Blending System can be used to mix acid systems at the well site, eliminating large tank volumes of acidic fluids and disposal issues.

If the scale is acid insoluble, a wide variety of fluids including Liquid Scale Dissolver, Gypsol, BaSO4lvent™ and PowerSafe-D-ScaleSM are available. However, if the scale is insoluble or the estimated volume of scale is too large for realistic removal with a fluid system, mechanical removal systems can be deployed via coiled tubing.

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