Re-perforating a Mature Field Wellbore

What is the most effective way to re-perforate a wellbore in a mature field?

Wellbore in mature fields can become clogged by sand, silt, proppants and other particles that migrate toward the wellbore throughout the production cycle. Production Logging Services (PLT) is one of the first methods used to identify the cause for production decline. Keeping the perforation holes clear is an important step to improving production. If the perforations in these intervals are plugged off partially then there is a need for a near wellbore stimulation or re perforating with high penetration charges is called for.

Halliburton has long been known for the breadth of its perforating technologies. Now we offer solutions for more demanding well conditions than ever. Our ultra deep penetrating MaxForce™ shaped charges provide a means to bypass near well bore damage and improve well productivity. We can also develop custom charges to maximize effective penetration into specific reservoirs.

Using MaxForce charges with Halliburton's SurgePro™ Service produces even better results. SurgePro software accurately simulates peak pressures and surge effects created by different charges and guns. It helps identify the optimal combination for your conditions and is essential in designing effective dynamic underbalanced perforating programs, that maximize perforation clean up.

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